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VideoMint Pricing

Hollywood Production.
Start-Up Pricing.

  • ​Brands: Ensure your customers always see new ads about your products. 
  • ​eCommerce: Build credibility and trust with prospects with review videos. 
  • Dropshippers: Quickly get a users attention and close the sale. 
  • ​Affiliates: Stand above the crowd with quality video creatives. 

Choose your Video

The Review Video

The Review Video features an actor, influencer, or model who will talk about why they love your product and why others should love it. They will also demonstrate how to use the product while highlighting key points. This video provides valuable social proof with an organic feel that engages viewers and gains their trust.

    Film Quality: 4K
    Talent: One (1) Actor, Influencer or Model
    Duration: Up to 30 Seconds
    ​Script: 1 Script Writer
    ​Location: In-Studio or In-Home
    ​Aspect Ratios: 16:9, 1:1, 4:5
    ​Hair & Makeup: Basic 
    ​Turnaround Time: 30 Days 
    Editing: Up to 3 Revisions


The Branding Video

The Branding Video is fast paced, featuring up to three actors, influencers or models. It highlights product benefits, features a demo, and addresses common questions and concerns.  This video will also provide social proof and engage viewers while gaining their trust.

    Film Quality: 4K
    Talent: Up to three (3) Actors, Influencers or Models
    Duration: Up to 60 Seconds
    ​Script: 2 Script Writers
    ​Location: In-Studio, In-Home & Basic Sets
    ​Aspect Ratios: 16:9, 1:1, 4:5
    ​Hair & Makeup: Professional 
    ​Turnaround Time: 30 Days 
    ​Editing: Up to 5 Revisions



Our team will strive to create amazing videos. However, because of the nature of video production, we are unable to provide a refund once production begins. If you are unhappy with any aspects of your video, our team will work to help resolve any issues if possible. Full scale production can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per commercial. VideoMint is like the Southwest airlines for video production. We've streamlined the production timeline and removed unnecessary costs so that we can pass the savings along to you. If you want to make any changes to your video, such as talent, script, or location after a video has already been shot, you will be required to pay those additional fees as listed in our rate card. 


Sometimes videos require additional elements beyond what is included in our normal packages. Here is our rate card showing the prices for these services to be included in your video. Just let our team know what you need, and we'll make it happen. 
  • ​Review Video: $1,495
  • ​Explainer Video: $2,995
  • Location: Additional Scene: $95
  • Location: Mansion: $2,495/day
  • Location: Office Space: $1,995/day
  • Location: Creative Space: $995/day
  • Location: Bathroom, Kitchen or Bedroom: $795/day
  • Hair & Make Up: Basic: $295/day
  • Hair & Make Up: Premium: $595/day
  • Talent Upgrade: User Generated Content: $195
  • Talent Upgrade: Additional Actor: $495
  • Talent Upgrade: D List Talent: $4,995
  • Talent Upgrade: C List Celebrity: $24,995
  • Talent Upgrade: B List Celebrity: $99,995
  • ​Talent Upgrade: A List Celebrity: Call for Quote
  • ​Video: Split Test (Second Talent Reading Same Script): $495
  • Video: Filmed in 6K:  $295
  • Video: 4K Drone Footage: $295
  • Video: 3D Animation:  $795
  • Video: Add Subtitles: $95
  • Video: Language Translation:  $195
  • Video: Second Camera Team: $295
  • ​Video: Crane & Gimbal Motion Shots:  $295
  • ​Video: Extended Shoot Hours (beyond 8 hours): $295/hour
  • Video: Additional Editing Revision: $95
  • Video: Duration Extended: $195/minute
  • Video: Extended Shoot Hours: $295/hour
  • Video: Complete Re-Edit: $295
  • Video: Complete Reshoot: $495/hour
  • Pets: Dog or Cat: $295/video
  • Pets: Exotic Animals:  Call for Quote
  • Car Rental: Basic: $295/day
  • Car Rental: Exotic: $1,995/day
  • Rush Delivery: 15 Days: $795/video
  • Rush Delivery: 7 Days: $1,495/video
  • Rush Delivery: 72 Hours:  $2,995/video
  • Photography: Five Lifestyle Photos: $495
  • ​Photography: Ten Lifestyle Photos: $995
  • Photography: Five Product Photos: $495
  • Photography: Ten Product Photos: $995
  • Wardrobe: Basic: $95
  • Wardrobe: Custom: Call for Quote
  • Script: Script Revision:  $295
  • Script: Full Script Rewrite: $495
  • Video: Raw files delivered on hard drive: $195
  • Stock Photos: HD, Web Only Rights: $495
  • Stock Videos: HD, Web Only Rights: $995
  • ​Stock Videos: 4K, Unlimited Rights: $7,495
  • ​We Know What Works: Our videos have generated over $50,000,000 in sales.
  • ​The Team: Our full creative team is ready to start working on your video today. 
  • Simple & Affordable: Get Hollywood style videos at start-up pricing.
"VideoMint helped us generate over $10M from Facebook and Instagram."
- Max, Founder of MaxiGlide

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